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  • Serving Expo

    Sun 2/23 | 9:00-12:00 PM

    Join us Sunday, February 23 for our Serving Expo where you’ll have the opportunity to jump in and live beyond yourself by volunteering to serve in the various ministries at Faith. The Serving Expo is the perfect opportunity for kids and adults to learn about the variety of ways to use your gifts in serving. The expo gives you a chance to speak with leaders, pick up information, and sign up to serve.  You’ll also have the chance to enter your name to win one of three “serving expo gift packages,” which includes our favorite Faith serving t-shirt, gift card, and a 5 hour energy bottle.  Spending 15 minutes at the expo change lives, and most importantly, change you.  It’s a new year…jump in!

  • Ash Wednesday Services

    Wed 2/26 | 12:00 Noon & 7:00 PM

    During the Christian church year, there are two major celebrations. One is Christmas where we celebrate Jesus’ birth, and the other is Easter, when we celebrate His death and resurrection. There is a time before Easter where we often prepare ourselves for Jesus’ death and resurrection. This time is known as Lent.

    Lent consists of the 40 days before Easter, not counting Sundays— because they are always celebrations of Jesus’ resurrection. Thus, the first day of Lent is always a Wednesday. In ancient times, people marked times of fasting, prayer, and repentance by placing ashes on their foreheads. Today we do it as a reminder of who we are and what we are—forgiven sinners.

  • Membership @ Faith

    Sat 2/29 | 9:00-11:30 AM

    For those of you seeking a new faith journey or looking to strengthen your faith journey, Faith will offer a membership meeting in February. Membership @ Faith invites participants to explore the vision, mission and values of our church. This meeting is open to everyone and is required of those who wish to become members at Faith. Sign up online or at the Welcome Center. 

  • GroupLink

    Mon 3/2 | 7:00 PM

    If you are interested in learning how to connect to a community group here at Faith, please plan on attending GroupLink on March 2nd. In a community group, people study God's Word together and discuss the issues and challenges of life. It's also where they pray, care for one another, and are missed if they don't show up. Life change happens best in these small groups! Sign up online or at the Welcome Center. Childcare will be provided.

  • Pathway Course: 40 Days of Love

    Tuesdays | 7:00-8:00 PM | Mar 3 - Apr 7

    What is your #1 goal in life?

    Your answer to that question will reveal your dominant life value. Everyone has one whether they realize it or not. It’s what we unconsciously base our decisions on.

    God tells us that our dominant life value is to "be love" to our world. Jesus once said that of all the commands in the Bible only two are most important. Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.

    Join us for a forty-day journey in making love our highest goal, our greatest aim, our first priority, and our dominant life value. The more we learn how to love authentically, the more we become like Jesus.  This series is based on the book by Rick Warren. Six sessions include: Love Matters Most, Love is Patient, Love is Kind, Love Speaks the Truth, Love is Forgiving, Love Isn't Selfish, The Habits of a Loving Heart.  Register today at the welcome center or online.  Facilitator: Pastor Rob.  Participant guides: $10.00 are available at the welcome center.

  • Lenten Mid-Week Meal

    Wednesdays | 6:30 PM | Mar 4 - Apr 1

    Each Lenten season we provide a fellowship opportunity for people of faith to gather around a table and share a meal. This meal is intended to be simple and provide some time for us to slow down and care for one another.

    Everyone who attends shares in the responsibility of providing different components for the meal. We invite five to six volunteers each week to provide a gallon of soup for the evening. The remainder of the attendees provide either bread, vegetables, or cookies. Beverages and table service will be provided.

    It is a great way to embrace fellowship time prior to the mid-week Lenten worship services. Each Wednesday during Lent, the Lenten meal will be offered at 6:30 PM.  Worship service will begin at 7:15 PM.

    You may sign up at the Welcome Center. Please join us!

  • Lenten Mid-Week Worship

    Wednesdays | 7:15 PM | Mar 4 - Apr 1

    In those final moments on the cross, Jesus spoke life-changing words. Join us for a five week Lenten journey as we unpack the depth and practical application of the final words Jesus uttered before giving His life. The night begins with food and fellowship at 6:30 PM followed by our mid-week Lenten worship series at 7:15 PM in the auditorium.

  • Bright Beginnings Registration for Fall 2020

    Happy New Year from Bright Beginnings Preschool! It is hard to believe but it is already time to register for preschool classes which will begin Fall 2020.

    Registration for this year's clients & church members begins January 19th. There is a 5% tuition discount for church members. Registration opens to the public & alumni on Monday January 27th.

    Information and forms for registration are available on the website Feel free to call the church and leave a message at ext. 103 or email and Jenn will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • The Hub 2020

    As we have entered in the new year it’s a great time to sign up on the Hub or login to your existing profile page. The Hub is our centralized church system that gives you all the information that is pertinent to you and our church! Your giving is tracked on the Hub. Your volunteer scheduling is done on the Hub. If you need to find someone’s address or phone number you can get it on the Hub. Countless other functions. You can make any updates to your profile or load a new picture of yourself! Check it out at