The Hub


The Hub gives you one-stop access to group info, serving opportunities, event registration, financial giving, church-wide calendars, a directory of contact information, and much more! We truly hope this tool helps you better connect into the community of Faith.


You don’t have to wonder where you placed that piece of paper with the phone number or email address of your new friend at church scribbled on it. If you forgot the last name of someone you’ve just met, or if you want to remember the names of the people in your new life group, class, or community group, it’s easy! Just log in to The Hub, and search for your friend by first name and photo, match faces to names in your group, look up a phone number, or send someone an email.


Ever wish that the community you enjoy with your group or community group wasn’t confined to one time of the week? The Hub makes it easy to stay in touch with your closest friends, share how God is at work, and request prayer in times of need. If you want to share heartfelt interaction with your group (without broadcasting to the social media world), The Hub is the safe, private, and simple way to do just that.


The Hub allows you to contribute directly to Faith. Also, it’s a place where you can see a record of all your giving. There’s no need to wait until the quarterly statement comes out to determine how much you’ve given, or wait for the year end statement to file your tax return. Once you log on, it’s simple to give, view your giving, and print out any statements you need for the time period you select. Fast, Secure, Intuitive!



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Why Should You Join us in Hub?

  • Get Connected in GROUPS

    Groups are the best way to get the right information to the right people. Once you are in all the groups that apply to you in The Hub, you will receive information tailored to your involvement and needs.

  • Stay Up to Date on EVENTS

    Your Personal Calendar is the best way to stay updated on all events at Faith. This calendar will show all the events, scheduled serving times, and needs that pertain to you and the groups you are a part of… and you can subscribe to this calendar on your computer or smartphone… it’s awesome.

  • Get Involved in SERVING

    We want every person at Faith to be serving in an area that they are gifted and passionate about. You can get involved with kids, music, outreach… anything!

  • Help fulfill NEEDS

    “Needs” inform you of practical ways that you can help people, groups, or events. When you get notified of a need, you can simply say “I’ll take it”, and the need information will display on your personal calendar.

It's Simple.  Get Started Today.

  • SIGN UP for an account

    Use THIS LINK to access the signup page — simply input your name and email, and we will send you back an invite to log in and begin using The Hub.


    You control how you receive information from your groups in The Hub. Adjusting these communication settings will help you have the experience you desire.


    HOW? Log In > Settings > Communication Settings
  • Adjust your PRIVACY SETTINGS

    We treat your personal information with the utmost care, and you can control how your personal information is secured. These settings will help you share the right information with the right people.


    HOW? Log In > Settings > Privacy Settings
  • Subscribe to your PERSONAL CALENDAR

    Your Personal calendar is an aggregate of the calendar information of all the groups that you are a part of. Using your personal calendar will allow you to get the right calendar information that applies to you.


    HOW? Log In > Subscribe (right above the calendar – also READ THIS to learn more about the subscription options for computers, tablets, and phones.)